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Founded in 2010, Lost Cajun has been a franchise partner since 2013. It is one of the most popular restaurants in the state of Louisiana and the largest fish chain in the country. There are 17 restaurants in four states, and over the years it has become a national leader in locally produced seafood and a favorite destination for local gourmets. After recently moving their headquarters from Colorado to Louisiana, they will open their first Louisiana restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this summer.

Here are three places in the Slidell area that serve some of the best Cajun and Creole dishes from around the nation. There are many places where other Louisiana foods such as lobster, crab, shrimp and more are served, so try it today and find other areas where you can get an authentic Louisiana experience.

Louisiana has one of the best Cajun and Creole cuisines in the United States, and who can forget what it has to offer with its price - award-winning meals. So the next time you want a Creole flavor, enjoy a meal at one of these restaurants in Slidell or other parts of New Orleans.

The owners Matt and Michelle Pecoraro are grateful for all the guests who dine in their restaurant, and Peck is always happy to help if you need food.

If you fancy a sandwich, you can choose from one of the many options offered at Slidell Louisiana Food, such as the Cajun Chicken Sandwich, or if you're looking for an upscale atmosphere and a fantastic Cjun food, the Bayou experience blends together. For lunch you can choose from a variety of salads and a wide selection of soups and sandwiches. A Caja-style seafood salad will satisfy your Cajiun appetite, while you'll need to loosen your belt after lunch.

If you choose a bagel, I should take it on top of the cream cheese, but be generous with it here because it's so good!

I also didn't want to go without trying this delicious food, so I wanted to take half the meal home, but as soon as the food came out I asked for a box. From deep-fried green tomatoes to shrimp and oysters to stuffed crabs, you're in the right place to satisfy your appetite for authentic Creole dishes. So next time you want to satisfy your Cajun and Creole food cravings, there are restaurants in Slidell, Louisiana that can meet or exceed your expectations.

The menu is also topped with fried seafood, as is the Cajun staple, Jambalaya. Exclusive dinners include grilled salmon, lobster, prawns and grits, oysters, chicken and shrimp poo'boys, to name a few.

Cajun Cordon Bleu is a chicken breast stuffed with sausage, mozzarella and green onions and served with Creole sauce with haricot vert. The menu at Slidell Louisiana restaurant in New Orleans includes fried chicken tuna, grilled and cooked golf shrimp, shrimp and lobster poo'boys and a variety of other dishes. Plenty of room for spicy chicken and prawns with anouille sausage. It has no calories, fat, carbohydrates or sodium, so you can enjoy pretty much anything without feeling guilty.

If you live in the Slidell area and are looking for the best Cajun food, this is the place you want to be. Located on the northeast shore of Lake Pontchartrain, you know how popular seafood is, but what seafood do you treat yourself to in Slidell, LA? There are all kinds of seafood we can enjoy, we live and work in and around the slides in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Here you will be surrounded by a cypress deck that allows you to enjoy the natural beauty while you dine. The staff of the Cote restaurant want everyone who eats there to feel at home, and Creole defines "Cote" as "at home." The Lost Cajun also features a expertly crafted playlist and a wide selection of local music. This open kitchen concept is inspired by the old - contemporary style of the original restaurants in Slidell, Louisiana. Guests can watch their food being prepared and hear the courtesy and respect that are commonly associated with Cjun culture.

A group of men and women in Slidell have adopted local soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan by sending out monthly care packages. So let's make this substation a relatively healthy one and stop looking at it as one of the most popular restaurants in the state of Louisiana. All you have to do is search for recipes and search to find pretty much everything you can wish for. Without the bad old-school ingredients that go into this legendary entree, it's easy to keep it to keep an eye on calories and fat intake.

Williams first discovered the Cajun concept when he was introduced to Raymond Williams, the owner of Lost Caja in Houston, Texas, nearly 28 years ago. Keith said he spent months searching for "Lost Cajiun" and eventually visited one of the stores near Houston, Texas. We have many great restaurants in Louisiana, but not too many in the state of Louisiana.

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