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At the Fundraiser for Children's Museum, we recently participated in a fundraiser to raise funds for the annual Black Gold Day celebration at the Slidell Louisiana Museum. The fundraiser, known as Black Gold Day, is an opportunity for school staff, students and community members to wear gold and black.

Other events in Slidell include the Enchanted Evening Arts Evening, sponsored by the city. This charming evening is held every May and brings the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra to Heritage Park for an evening performance. With more than 1,000 visitors per night, this is Slidell's biggest cultural event.

There are still so many exhibits on this two-story schoolyard, but celebrate with us. Louisiana Folk Architecture showcases the different cultures that populated Louisiana at the time, while the Louisiana Hospitality Exhibition displays exhibits from the early days of the state's tourism industry and is visible to all.

If you're looking for a fun, educational family trip, visit Louisiana to see museum staff and volunteers in mid-19th century clothes. You can spend the day with your children exploring the museum, or you can delve into history, appreciate the art and learn about the museum in Southeast Louisiana. When you're done, head to the Louisiana Museum of Natural History in Baton Rouge and come up with some history. This museum features some of the most iconic buildings in the state, as well as a museum of Louisiana history and culture.

Overall, this museum tells the story of the Cajun people, who are so prominent in southern Louisiana. The Prairie Bayou and Cjun Room takes visitors on a journey through Louisiana's history, from the beginnings of slavery to the present day and back again.

This Louisiana State Art Museum features exhibitions of all kinds that celebrate Louisiana's history from the early days of the Civil War to the present day. This predominantly outdoor museum houses a large collection of architecture and artifacts from this period, using a variety of materials such as wood, glass and glass, as well as other materials.

The House Museum Store from 1850 is located in front of the museum and supports the Louisiana State Museums by selling daily tours and merchandise. The current exhibition includes "Artists of Louisiana's Francophonic Culture," which celebrates the rich French connections that continue to flourish in our state. Visitors to the Louisiana State Archives will have the opportunity to see the works of well-known Louisiana artists such as Jean-Pierre Rodrigue, Jean Broussard and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Rodrigues and Louisiana Legends are featured in this exhibition in honor of his life and work.

On Wednesday, a daily updated online ad for the Louisiana State Archives will be shown at the Slidell Museum of Art. There is a new phase of the sale of the museum's estate, located in the village of Shrevepoort at 604 Huron. For more information about the sale and a list of current and past sales, please see the classifieds.

Art collectors, art travelers and artists will find this very useful, and we want you to take the time to look at it. Make sure to check out the new online catalogue of the Slidell Museum of Art, which is online all year round.

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A Confederate soldier who served on the Louisiana Supreme Court, he was transferred to Slidell as a prisoner of war after the Civil War. Here you can search our database of classified ads by category or keyword or find them by searching for newspapers or classified ads.

Paul is also the founder of the Slidell Natural History Museum and a member of the board of trustees. East Slidell is home to a river swamp nature reserve, which you can visit on a guided boat tour.

As home to the Irene W. Pennington Planetarium, visiting this museum means exploring the solar system and even ancient Egypt. Also known as the UCM Museum, the Slidell Natural History Museum has curiosities such as the shed of miracles and the bassigator.

While the museum is not open to visitors, there are guided tours, so make an appointment with a museum director. The Acadian Museum has three main rooms where guests can do sightseeing, but the café is also the place where Cajun jam sessions are held and speakers come to talk about everything Cjun. After Hours music series here in Ogden is open to Louisiana residents on Thursday, the first of its kind in Louisiana.

This university museum and collection in the town of Monroe is dedicated to the natural history of Northern Louisiana. This living museum is dedicated to supporting, educating, and preserving the history and culture of the people of Louisiana and their communities. There will be lectures on a wide range of topics, including history, culture, crafts, history in general and Cajun history.

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