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Anyone who has lived in the Slidell area or knows the town on the north-east shore of Lake Pontchartrain knows how popular seafood is. The fried catfish is served on cheese potatoes and served with a side of seasonal vegetables or topped with Creole crab sauce. There's every kind of seafood you can eat in Slidell, LA, and there are all kinds of it. Whole - stuffed flounder, roasted frog legs, fish platters and oysters fried in a spicy-dark barbecue sauce are also in circulation here.

That is, we start with catfish, the undisputed signature of the house, thinly sliced and fried like crisps. The name comes from the fact that people love seafood and the name of the restaurant Slidell, Louisiana, after the town itself.

Fatty's Seafood Restaurant concept began in 1979 when Pete Amadeo Sr. turned his fishing boat, a cast net cast into Lake Pontchartrain, into a family business. Over the years it has become one of the largest and most popular seafood restaurants in the country.

Horst is a trained chef and the new restaurant is huge, while the original can now accommodate an astonishing 550 people. The typical dish of the restaurant Fatty's Seafood Restaurant, cooked prawns, is served with corn and potatoes.

Karen is a Kansas girl who met the chef while working together at a Texas resort. Mitchell has been eating in Slidell since he was a child growing up in Ponchatoula, so he's familiar with the area. He was there where truffles are shaved at the table, and he has visited a place with a large selection of truffle shavings.

As Middendorf regulars know, the new hires were trained in the habits of the villagers, and the staff was trained in the original restaurant. Much of what they learned along the way has now been built on and they are building on it.

Owners Matt and Michelle Pecoraro are grateful for the customers who dine at their restaurant, and Horst and Karen have found validation in the customer response. Peck is more than willing to help when you need food, "Horst admits," and after a dozen years I still see myself as the new guy in Middendorf. Where NOLA eats, follow us on Instagram (@ wherenolaeats), join our Facebook group and subscribe to our podcast (available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher).

Of course, according to the Pfeifers "forecast, a second location in the same area code will draw regular customers from Manchac. But with a highly visible location on the motorway in Slidell, they are banking on new customers finding their way to their new location.

Karen and Horst Pfeifer understand that territory comes with territory when you're in command of a Louisiana legend. A long shake-down session in the new restaurant is essential, because "when people walk through the door, they come in with a lot of questions, and when they come out, people come in again," Hor says. When a fresh bread from Mahony's arrives in the French Quarter, it goes straight into the vault, because it's bound to be a butt boy.

When the couple bought Middendorf's restaurant on the waterfront in Manchac in 2007, regulars who loved the classic old fish house were careful about their food and the environment. Successive hurricanes and worsening floods repaired and renewed nearly every inch of the original site. They are Ve completed the restaurant's original dining room, which was designed for a changing Louisiana coast.

In 2017, Arthur and Vicki Gutierrez worked hard to bring back a staple food that has been popular with Slidell residents and visitors for many years. Middendorf has long appealed to families, but the eyes of believers will be on the Pfeifers "latest project to create a second of their own. The Slidell site has undergone a series of training days and test runs leading up to its July 4 opening and is ready for the official opening in 2017.

The new Middendorf has a covered veranda for those who want a more intimate dining experience than the old one with its wooden tables and chairs.

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