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Fishing is one of the things you can do in Slidell, which attracts anglers from all over the country, and pretty much every town near Lake Pontchartrain is a fishing paradise. The proximity to the city makes the north shore a great place, the geography lends itself to amazing outdoor adventures, but the awe - inspiring green spaces and natural beauty of Slidella make it a good choice for a day trip.

Paddling is also a popular pastime, and there is no shortage of boating opportunities, but there is no shortage of different types of boating. Take a trip to the Chitto National Wildlife Refuge, where you can camp and explore the swamps, or meander along the Cane Bayou, the Bogue Falaya River. From here we can eat, visit the beaches, enjoy a swim in the sun and enjoy the swimming and sunbathing.

From the public pier between Mandeville and Slidell, you have great views of Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi, and along the north shore you'll find more to explore than just the river itself. Visit Griffith Park for a quiet spot to stroll and enjoy views of the Bayou, or find more of them, such as the Bogue Falaya River and Ponte Vedra Beach, as well as scenic views of St. Charles Parish, the Gulf of Mexico and even the Ponce de Leon River.

You may also be looking for a collection that traces the history of the city from the Civil War to Louisiana. When in Slidell, you should check out some of the fun events in the area to enjoy the great gastronomic, fun and entertaining options available to you. See also our list of fun festivals for the Southeastern United States, including Louisiana Northshore Events.

September is September with boat trips along the bait and delicious food (including crabs, of course) at the Slidell Seafood Festival.

More than 20 food stalls offer a wide selection of lobster, live music and live entertainment. Copelands New Orleans ( offers a roast crab fish platter with its distinctive, spiced tail. Slidell restaurants serve crayfish dishes at Times Grill. Com), where a delicious version of the popular dish "lobster and Cajun chicken" is served. With 60 or more teams competing for the coveted title of Best Crab Tasting, the event offers more than 1,000 pounds of boiled and cooked crab fish, as well as a variety of other seafood dishes.

If you fancy fried seafood, Vera's is one of the best seafood restaurants in Slidell (

Bayou Adventure describes itself as a Bayou concierge retreat, providing you with all the equipment you need for true Louisiana activities.

If you want to make things super convenient, you can arrange a round-trip transportation to and from your New Orleans hotel for $49. Hop on a boat with a guide and spend the day fishing in Biloxi-Marsh or Lake Pontchartrain.

Louisiana is a hub for wildlife exchange, and if you choose to stay at the Abita Springs Hotel, you can also visit the Louisiana Wildlife Refuge and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Wildlife Sanctuary. Speaking of mosquitoes: the Honey Island Swamp Tour gives you a good idea of where they come from. If you're not too happy about the cuteness you find in the swamp, head to the otter enclosure to visit one of the world's largest otters.

The thick, bare cypress trees of the USA are found on the island and they are one of only a handful of species worldwide with a population of more than 1,000.

The Northshore is just 40 minutes from New Orleans, so you can enjoy a lot of Cajun flavors as far as Slidell. There are a number of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in Mandeville, but most are located on the embankment to Lake Pontchartrain. Mandevaille is a small town of just over 2,000 people, connected to New York City by Highway 10 and Highway. 11 bridge. It is home to a variety of attractions, including a Bogue Falaya River crossing, and there are many restaurants and bars in the area as well as a few hotels.

Slidell is home to Lockhee Park, the Slidell Men's Club, a number of restaurants and bars, and a number of hotels and restaurants in Mandeville. It is a small town of just over 2,000 people, connected to New Orleans by Highway 10 and Highway 11 bridge.

Slidell is home to Lockhee Park, the Slidell Men's Club, a number of restaurants and bars, and a number of hotels and restaurants in Mandeville. It is a small town with a population of just over 2,000 and an area of about 1,500 hectares.

Some of the things that make Slidell a great place, like Lockhee Park, the men's club and the restaurants and bars, also make it a great place to live.

There are numerous bed and breakfasts in Slidell, Louisiana that offer the charm of rural hospitality yet are within 30 minutes of the Big Easy. These three entries are followed by several other restaurants, so please comment on your favorites and let me direct you to some of my favorite restaurants, bars and other local attractions. Thai is not only for those who long for a delicious Thai restaurant in Slidelli, if Thai is what they are longing for.

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